about me.

when people ask me where i'm from, i have a hard time deciding what to answer.
i lived in three states by the time i was four. ohio is where it all started, followed by a detour or 'vacation with our furniture' to seattle, and then ten wonderful years of childhood in indiana, complete with sleepovers, Notre Dame hockey games, gymnastics meets, and sweet summers in Michigan.
 i'll always consider myself a midwest girl at heart. 
to that, add high school in utah, university in southern california, two years in france, and my newest venture in montreal, and you've likely figured out how old i am, if you're good at math.

some parts of my life seem completely contradictory (global business degree and working on a masters in education, anyone?) but they also fit together in a perfect way.
i fell in love with france when i was seventeen,
got my pilots license the week after i turned eighteen,
enjoyed sunny california for four years,
learned to write and get published out of college.
i jumped at the opportunity to live and work in france for two years after graduation,
where i met a pretty handsome and endlessly sweet frenchman.
i learned how (and how not to) teach high schoolers and middle schoolers.
liked what i was doing, and decided to go back to school to study education,
which is exactly where i got to where i am now, trying to understand these crazy quebeckers in montreal. alongside aforementioned handsome and sweet frenchman.  

i started my first blog, senscerely yours, the first year i was working in france.  when i was traveling abroad during college i wrote novels about my adventures and sent them as emails- finally having them all in a blog seemed to make a bit more sense. 
the following year, mistinguett was born.  mistinguett was actually a french actress and singer, but i chose it because it's also an affectionate nickname used sometimes in french. think of it in a 'hey missy' sort of way. 

and so mistinguett has become a (not quite daily) account of life list items, weekend adventures, travel stories, musings, culture shock, and more recently, a dabble in fashion blogging.  
please say hello when you stop by, i love comments! and you can find me at 

happy reading!



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