in the kitchen.

Come join me on my adventure as a budding kitchen enthusiast. Some of the sites where I find my culinary inspirations:

martha stewart.
the food network.

Some friends and bloggers who post yummy recipes:

genevievve. (stuffed zucchini boats! adult chicken fingers! chili!)
simply so good. (creamy pumpkin curry soup!)
bigBANG studio. (blueberry cornbread muffins!)
Girl's Gone Child. (the Eat Well posts are excellent)
enJOY it. (drool-worthy bread recipes)

I'll try to keep an updated list of the recipes I've tried, with links to my posts here, as well as new inspirations.

Feel free to add links in the comments to your favorite recipes, cookbooks, or kitchen blogs!

Bon appetit!


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Anonymous said...

LOVE it!

food for thought.

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