Wednesday, June 2, 2010

life list: whistle with my fingers.

this weekend 
i went with a couple friends
to a beatles impersonation concert
by a band named Patchwork
which actually turned out to be quite good

their accents were spot on
as were their costumes-
black suits, perfectly coiffed wigs, some glasses for john

at our table,
there was a man who would whistle
after every song.

and besides thinking that it was loud and obnoxious...
i thought
how cool would it be to know how to do that.

so one day, 
i'm going to teach myself how to whistle with my fingers
that way
the next time i'm at 
a ball game
imitating a fire alarm

i'll have the perfect solution!

maybe i'll start here
a step by step guide
with a picture of a slightly creepy guy
i like his camo fishing hat though

what's on your life list this wednesday?



1 comment:

D said...

Hmmm... nothing but spit all over my screen :-(

Didn't we get you a whistle when we went to Montana? I suppose you lost it?


food for thought.

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