Monday, December 12, 2011

in the madness.

Has to be.

How was your Monday? Mine started with an oversized mug of coffee and ended with wine & cheese. I'll go ahead and call that a win.

I've got a couple of work days left, but my mind is already slowly drifting into vacation mode.
Thinking of homemade wrapping paper, christmas cookie recipes, long runs with a view of the mountains, and playing with our dog (who I haven't seen in a year!) in the backyard. Mountain hikes and ski runs, the smell of home, and the luxury of television :)

I got a considerable chunk of my christmas shopping done today. I'm so excited about some of the gifts! I'd say about half of my presents for friends and family are coming from local businesses and etsy shops. Not 100% but it's something.



Thursday, December 8, 2011

at the moment.

Some good things about my day...

Walking to the metro under snowflakes.

Seeing the Old Spice guy this morning on a today show video podcast.

Discovering that something like this exists: 

Just. Wow.

Tomorrow's Friday. And I'm home in a week! Which means there's paper writing and Christmas shopping to finish! Friends to see, suitcases to be packed.

Quick. Tell me what was good about your day.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You sunk my battleship.

Grey boxes are my ships that have been sunk, orange are enemy ships that I sunk, black are my remaining ships, and blue are the places I've already guessed.

An image from the excel spreadsheet that's saved on my desktop as 'Battleship'.
Don't have the Battleship game lying around the apartment?
That's ok, all you need is Excel and some color-coding skills.
Yep. Bringing nerd to a new level.



ps. i won, of course :)

food for thought.

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