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Thursday, November 15, 2012

la photo du mois: votre blog en une photo.

Welcome back photo-of-the-monthers! I missed a few months as things got busy around here, but I'm back for the theme this month, 'votre blog en une photo' or 'your blog in one photo'. Those who know me will understand why I chose an airplane. As a pilot, avid traveler, and a romantic, I always look forward to a flight, wherever it happens to be taking me. On this particular day, I was leaving my family after a wonderful trip home for Christmas in Utah, on my way to Paris, France to meet up with my boyfriend's family for New Years. I've seen so many spectacular sunsets against that western mountain range, but this one was particularly moving. I find this photo embodies the spirit of my blog, which was started to share my travels and adventures with family and friends. If only it were easier to keep up! 

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food for thought.

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