Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now now.

Hi friends !

Hope this lovely Tuesday morning finds you doing well.  It's afternoon over here for me, and I just enjoyed a lovely banana and nutella mid-afternoon snack to tide me over.

I'll explain a little bit more about what it is I'm doing this year.  I'll begin last year, when I was blogging at Sens-cerely Yours, and working as an English Assistant at Lycée Janot in Sens.  I knew after finishing college that I wanted to find a way back to France, and working as an English Assistant was really the perfect way to do that.  I was paid to work 12 hours a week with high school students, helping them improve their English.  It was a challenging job at times, but one I really enjoyed.  I was a bit surprised as I had never in my life seriously considered being a teacher.  What teachers say about it being a rewarding job is completely true- even if students weren't always excited about coming to class, seeing and hearing their progress was something I looked forward too everyday. 

I quickly fell in love with all things French again, and by January I knew I wanted to reapply to be an assistant for this year as well.  As is the French way, getting a response takes 3x longer than it should and involves 14 more people than neccesary.  I was biting my nails in anxiety and frustration come June, trying to find out if my contract had been renewed and I had a job guarantee for the fall.  It all settled into place though (as things often have a way of doing, I've learned) and I had a letter in my inbox the day before I left France, that I would be welcomed back in the Fall. 

There were a few changes though- this year I'll be teaching at two middle schools instead of high school.  And I'll be living in a town that I mentioned yesterday, called Beaune.  It's about 200 kilometers from Sens, but I'm already sure I'll be visiting there often.  Or hosting visitors : )

The town is slightly smaller than Sens at 22,000 people, but you certainly wouldn't think that.  It's a fairly big stop on the touristy wine route that snakes through Burgundy.  Each time I've walked the skinny streets into town I've heard Germans, English, and Americans, discussing the latest winery visit, totes in hand with bottles clanging softly inside. 

The weather has been gloriously sunny for the past few days, which always makes adjusting to a new city that much easier.  I'll be meeting my colocatrice in a few hours, another American assistant who will be living with me for the year.  And tomorrow morning I'll roll my suitcase to la gare and hop on a train to Sens.  This weekend, instead of being surrounded by the pinot noir grapes surrounding Beaune, I'll be up in the Champagne region, to celebrate a wedding on Saturday.  I'm excited, it will be my first French wedding experience.  I'll be sure to keep you posted !

Happy tuesday !


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