Friday, September 11, 2009

pantone mugs.

Confession #1.  I am a coffee person.  And not quite a morning person.  Coffee plays a fairly major role in my mornings, and I love it that way.
I have this goal/idea, that once I have my own home somewhere in the world, I'll make a collection of coffee mugs from all over the globe.  Random as can be.  A sort of refrigerator plastered with magnets or postcards, but in a functional way.
Wouldn't that be wonderful to enjoy your morning coffee and reminisce about hiking along the beach in Croatia, a fabulous petit café in the Marais in Paris, staying in a homey cabin in the woods in the Rockies.  How much better would your mornings be tiptoeing through memories instead of dreading the work piled up on your desk?

You'll be happy to know I'm a girl of many ideas.  One of my birthday presents this year was a Pantone mug, in mustard yellow which I lovelovelove.  I think a bouquet of Pantone mugs in my coffee cabinet would be just as fabulous as memory mugs.  Each morning I could choose a mug based on my mood that morning.  
Just saying, these are fun ways to wake up in the morning.  
 What's your favorite thing in the morning?  
PANTONE website, mug


D said...

At least a lobster cup won't make you crabby :-0


Taylor said...

My Cool Gray 10 C Pantone mug salutes you!

Did I ever tell you I found a mug with the Metz cathedral on it at a Goodwill in South Bend? It's one of my faves.

alli said...

Tay, that's awesome! What a find :)
And yay for Pantone mugs!

food for thought.

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