Wednesday, May 4, 2011


i'm going to share a bit too much of information here, hang in there...

did you know... that i burned my forearm while making spinach lasagna rolls way back when, and the sucker is still giving me grief.  even worse than the burn, however, is the ridiculous rash i have from the BANDAID that i put over it (before reading somewhere that you shouldn't put bandaids on burns. oops).  who is allergic to bandaids?!?  when i stubbornly went to the pharmacy several days later right away, the pharmacist actually went 'ohlala' when i sheepishly pulled back my sleeve.  awesome.
so this raspberry colored awful thing on my arm ITCHES worse than you would BELIEVE.  with no relief from hydrocortisone, polysporin, nada.  running it under cold water seems to do the trick, but only for awhile.  alright. done with that lovely subject.

today i had the wonderful opportunity to work 8 hours, taking small breaks in the morning and afternoon to dodge puddles outside on the way to the library to snack on lunch and check out another book to add to my growing collection 
(i picked up wounds of passion by bell hooks).
after work, i got to visit three apartments that i know for a FACT, i would not like to live in!  each day i move a step closer to visiting every apartment in montreal.  i guess this is what i get for having found my current apartment, less than 24 hours after the search began.  tomorrow i'll likely add a few others to the list.  at least i'm getting to know my city :)

how did wednesday look where you are?  

and now for a bit of pinterest indulgence!

creative room dividers.

awesome christmas lights wine bottles.

and can i puh lease have ceilings like this in my bedroom someday?




Anonymous said...

Well it is 12AM here and twilight is just ending. Getting on the plane in an hour for a long ride back. Supposed to be 70 in SLC too. Just caught up on your blog. Glad you didn't post photos of the burn :-(

Too bad you don't have a boo-boo bear. That always helped too.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and wicked bowling there too! That was just 10 frames, right?


food for thought.

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