Monday, May 9, 2011

le weekend.

how was everyone's weekend?  mine was one with naps and jogs, a morning visit to the market, drinks with friends, apartment hunting, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookie making.  and eating.
mr. s. also made me paupillettes de veau (bought fresh from the market) with quebec-grown tomatoes and onions, which was absolutely delicious.  little bundles of veal stuffed with spices, browned and then cooked in a pot with tomatoes, onions and garlic.  let's just say there weren't many leftovers.

i've learned to stop getting my hopes up about apartments.... but we've seen a few hopefuls these past couple of days.  not counting the semi-basement on sunday morning which NOBODY MENTIONED was a semi-basement.  or the second floor one bedroom that was snatched 10 minutes before we arrived on sunday afternoon. c'est la vie!

friday and today, i had the absolute privilege of taking a break from my workday to eat my lunch outside, IN THE SUN.  it was wonderful beyond words.  and since my habitual metro stop will be closing for the entire summer (wtf?) i'm dreaming about summer bike rides now.  that is, after i spend all my savings on furnishing an apartment.  subletting with furniture included was a little nicer on the wallet.  

in other news....
i cut out oval shapes from an old map of the US and stole a few coasters from a bar on saturday night.  thinking i'm going to follow this tutorial and make me some nice looking coasters.

and i also snagged an old wooden mirror frame from the street tonight, with plans to sand/repaint/distress it and use it as a frame for either coat hooks, pictures, or a little blackboard/quote board.  ooh or maybe a little rack to hang pots and pans from..... 
hopefully it was a less sketchy street snag than the chair i picked up a few months ago.  which thank the heavens above, i didn't sit on.  one day i propped my foot on it to tie my shoe before a run, and it broke into 27 1/2 pieces.  guess that's what i get. 

have a lovely monday evening!




Stéphane Danré said...

I like your coasters project !

Anonymous said...

If a chair breaks in to pieces, what is the difference between a full piece and a half piece?


food for thought.

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