Tuesday, July 26, 2011


tonight i ate tomato soup for dinner. in the middle of july. because i was overcome with laziness after my evening run. i'm make something more complicated tomorrow.

meanwhile, my evening has been spent reading... for work and pleasure... perusing the Rue Magazine's sixth issue and mentally noting some lovely fall purchases.


this cute backpack.

here's a few pictures from a walk we went on sunday night across the jacques cartier bridge.  one of several that links montreal to the rest of the surrounding quebec.  did you know montreal is an island?  i didn't before i moved here :)

i can't believe i've already lived in this city for almost a year now.  i feel like i'm just now getting to know it.  i have to soak up the weekend farmers markets, drinks on the patio, and evening runs, before it all gets too chilly again!

voila, a couple photos.  lots more coming :)



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow. She's back! I thought you got stuck i a big vat of maple syrup & couldn't reach the keyboard!

What about surfing... didn't here that mentioned!


food for thought.

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