Monday, July 25, 2011

de retour.

i'm alive! although a little out of blogging practice.  my couple day break from blogging (unfortunately) turned into a longer than intended blogging hiatus.  which is a shame, because there are so many exciting things happening right now!

i'm in a new apartment, that is keeping me busy with deco and DIY projects, hunting and painting for furniture, and LOVING my easy to use (no more lighting matches!) gas stove and oven.  i've been cooking and baking more (blueberry cornbread muffins, lemon roasted chicken, molasses & date oatmeal bread), sweating out the heat, and going for long morning runs.  i'm training for the montreal half-marathon in september... and just completed my longest run yet on sunday. 7.5 miles!  i'm so proud of my buff runner legs :)

the summer has been full of lots of adventures so far... a trip to california for my sister's graduation, fourth of july festivities, checking off hot air balloon ride (!!!) from my life list, a weekend trip to quebec city, and some pretty intense river rafting.  summer barbecues have been plentiful, the morning commute has been awesome now that i can walk everywhere and not freeze, and although i'm not a huge fan of the humidity, i finally feel like i'm finally thawing out after months of winter.  i try to keep my heat/humidity complaining to a minimum, because I KNOW what is around the corner.

thesis research and writing is keeping me busy, but keeping diligent library hours is proving a challenge on these bright and sunny summer days.  i knew that was coming though.

stay tuned this week for some photos of the past few adventures.  i'll try my best not to leave you for another two months :)




Anonymous said...

Two things:

a) You're alive! Great! Welcome back!

2) Shouldn't you be at The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration in Oshkosh right about now?

alli said...

YES! I most certainly should be in the land of morning donuts and coffee on the flightline, aeroshell shows, 150% humidity and kids being pulled around in red wagons :) Can you tell I miss it?!

food for thought.

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