Wednesday, October 5, 2011

check in.

I'm still here!  And I have plenty to update you on.  Like how the half-marathon went, (finished in 1:55! the last three miles were SO hard! I couldn't walk down stairs for days!) what's been on my stove and in my oven recently, (creamy tomato soup, beef stew, carrot and ginger soup, and another batch of choc. chip zucchini bread) and the wonderful burst of fall weather we've been having.  I won't tell you about the cold that I fought off for days which finally got the best of me, (which is why i'm cutting this short and heading to bed) or the power outage that struck the moment I got out of the shower on monday morning which left me no choice but to go to work with wet hair (don't do that when you're sick btw).

Hopefully i'll give you a more appropriate and lengthly update soon, but for now i'll just tide you over with this quote which i really sort of love.

“Each of us stands at one unique spot in the universe, at one moment in the expanse of time, holding a blank sheet of paper”
- by... ican'tremember at the moment-

So what will be on your blank sheet of paper? Will you scribble in marker? Or write in dainty cursive letters in the middle? Or print methodic and deliberate script along the edges?

Back soon friends, enjoy Autumn, if it's Autumn where you are!



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