Thursday, April 22, 2010

morocco: a story in many parts

hey folks!

sorry for the LONG absence!
as per the french educational system
i just enjoyed two weeks of vacation
which took me to a new continent!!


I wandered around morocco with 
an american
a brit
and an aussie
trying to avoid tummy bugs
stones thrown at train windows
admiring tiled and colored everything
and laughing (best remedy) at 
the overabundance of moroccan men
'spice girls'
'fish and chips'
'best price, best price'
after us.

we kept a mental tally
and were flattered to be offered
5,000 camels 
to be married to a moroccan 
not too shabby for a week i'd say

in reality, 
i think i would describe the trip in a couple words
sweet and salty

two summers ago
i spent 5 weeks in india
and at times felt more overwhelmed in morocco than 
i did in india, so far away and so different

i'm off again this weekend to 
witness my first french baptism!
but i'll schedule some posts
to show some pictures 
and tell some stories

see you soon!


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