Wednesday, April 28, 2010

le weekend.

these past few days

the colors everywhere seem to be hyper-saturated

like they couldn't be real
those colza flowers couldn't be that yellow
the trees couldn't be that green
the sky seems an unreal shade of blue
clouds completely absent

or does everything just seem more saturated
more real
more intense
right at the end 

since i missed my 'le weekend' post this week
i'll fill you in
on my weekend dans la campagne

this is the church
where la petite apolline
(the daughter of a friend)
got baptized 

the church was cool and humid
opened special for the occasion
family gathered around
children sat quietly (or not so quietly) 
in the pews, 
watching their new cousin

the priest urged the little ones to get involved in the service
apolline's mother played guitar
her brother sang
and her friend played the flute

her father held her
as the priest poured water over her head
and she gazed up at him
ever some calmly

after the service
the maire of the village
apolline's grandfather
untied the rope from the side of the altar
and rang the bell in the village
to celebrate
(even though nearly every single person that lives there was in the church)

afterwards, we walked next door 
to apolline's grandparents house
and had the most lovely desserts
a rhubarb cake
with a strawberry puree sauce

a homemade chocolate sheet cake
a macaroon christmas tree extravangaza (pictured)

and of course
champagne to wash it all down

after the delicious dessert
we walked through their backyard
next to the highlighter yellow colza
enjoying the exceptional weather

it was such a treat
to be included in the family event
and the weather
it's just so easy to fall in love
with the french countryside

Has spring hit you yet?

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