Sunday, August 29, 2010

does it shape you?

having lived in france for 3 (2 consecutive) years...
conducted my life in two languages...
been in a relationship with someone who's mother tongue is different than mine...
recently moved to a country where the language is both familiar and foreign...

i've thought a lot about language.  
about how it forms us,
our thoughts,
our prejudices,
like it or not.

is it something we can overcome?
should we overcome it?
when is your mother tongue mindset a positive?
and when does it hinder? 
would we even recognize a situation like that?

and once you acknowledge that language shapes you,
how do you become conscious that others are shaped just as you are.
but in completely different ways.

this is something that became interesting to me 
during an intercultural management class i took in france.
it picked up again when i had classrooms full of french teens and middle schoolers.
and now that i'm starting a masters program 
all about education across borders,
teaching and learning in the past and future,
learning in a different language,
i think this is something i'll be revisiting quite often.

give it a glance

how are you influenced by your mother tongue?



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Genevieve said...

AAAAAAaaaa my comment got deleted!
The gist:
This is super interesting, though. I have heard that one of the reasons that Chinese people tend to be super good at math is because the way their language structure treats numbers, it makes it easier to visualize/conceptualize.

food for thought.

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