Monday, August 30, 2010

little by little.

small victories today:

finding the canadian equivalent of target!
getting over my fear of lighting a gas stove.
finding another huge grocery store right by the apartment! with peanut butter! and hummus!
and THE victory of the day:
finally feeling like the cat hair is gone from this apartment!
(reminder to future self.  don't rent from a cat owner)

it was boilllling hot here today, 90 and humid.
reminded me of midwest days.
but don't worry, i'm not fooled.
i've already seen (on 4 separate occasions)
people replacing and repairing roofs.
and i know why,
even though i don't really want to think about it.

rumor has it, is that it's going to stay toasty all the way till november this year.
but not for very long afterwards!

tomorrow night is the graduate students wine and cheese orientation night.
which i'm very excited about!
i feel like the last few transition weeks have been realllly long.
can't wait to meet my classmates and professors!



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