Saturday, August 28, 2010

first impressions.

montreal is almost a french chicago.

there's an exhilarating zip to the city.

part of the campus i'll spend the next two years at.

notre dame church in la vielle ville.  
inside is made entirely of wood!

a modern chapel with an amazing fresco in bronze i believe.
if you can see, there are three gates with people walking up through them
up to the dove at the top.
one of the gates is at the end of childhood,
the next at the adulthood,
and the last, for when the soul has matured beyond than the body.
i like that.

the botanical gardens.

our first montreal day visit.
to a tiny village on a lake,

we went on a little hike that wrapped around 4 old calgary chapels.

lots of colorful fungi.

the last and biggest of the chapels was across from a wonderful outlook.


ferry boat from oka to hudson.

it was a bit windy.

next, we found a great little verger. 
french for u-pick!

i like to think we got the best pick, since we were a little early for the season.

and this is what came from it!

 and many more recipes to come i suppose.
apple sauce
apple turnovers
apple crisp
apple salsa?
it's a big bag after all.

any suggestions?



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