Tuesday, March 8, 2011

better late than never.

my dear readers,
sorry i kinda fell off the edge of the internet this week.  i was so excited to wrap up my 30 for 30, and once i did i just sorta disappeared!  i'm still going to do a post where you can see the last half of my outfits all together, but first i'll take some time to let you know what i thought about the 30 for 30 now that it's all finished. 

thoughts on fashion blogging and life list items:
if you're new to mistinguett, one of the (mostly) regular features on here is a collection of items on my life list.  things like make tiramisu, go to kenya, and learn how to cut hair, or start a fashion blog.  thanks to the wonders of google reader, i'm subscribed to and read umpteen fashion/life/art/style blogs with my morning coffee everyday.  when one of the blogs i read announced the winter 30 for 30 challenge, i saw it as the perfect way to try out my life list item for real.  so i hopped on board. here are some of the things i learned:

taking pictures and posting everyday is hard! 
especially when you don't have a photographer until the evening, and when you get home after work and class at 9, and all you want to do is EAT and change into comfy pjs.

posing for pictures is way more awkward than it looks. 
props to all you people that take them outside in populated areas.

people are nice. 
i got several comments on my outfits from women i've never met before, and every single one of them was something positive about me or my outfit.  sometimes i wonder if ANYONE reads this besides my family (hi fam!) so it's nice to see a random positive message every once and a while. 

i think about brands a bit differently now.  
surprisingly, i wasn't as self conscious about posting up pictures of myself as i was about putting up where my clothes are from.  is that strange?  i think a lot that goes into style is not about where you purchased your clothes, but how you put them together and how you feel in them.  do fashion bloggers really need to say where they bought their clothes?  and do you really need to put prices?

the shopping ban was a nice challenge.  
and it wasn't was hard as i expected it to be.  although, to be honest, i don't consider myself to be much of a big shopper right now anyways.  grad school budgeting does that to you!

i felt more creative and original with my wardrobe than i even expected.
so much so, that now that i have all these options, i feel like i don't know what to do with them all!  i'm bored, now that i have way more to work with?  tell me how that makes sense.  maybe i need to do rotations of 15 for 15 every two weeks...

am i going to convert to a fashion blogger?
maybe.  but maybe not.  maybe i'll have a weekly post or so, on outfits and what not.  i know several bloggers who do that, and i enjoy reading their blogs. thoughts?  

would you ever participate in a 30 for 30 challenge?  any fashion bloggers out there who have similar (or completely opposite) thoughts sparked by the challenge?
hope you're having a fabulous week.




Genevieve said...

yayyyy you're back :D I didn't see the last one though, i see penultimate (which means second last???? or maybe actually it means last????) Anyway. Interesting thoughts. I can see how posting where you got everything might not be so fun, but I enjoyed reading it. I wonder how that would go for me... gap, old navy, gap, old navy....? I'll think about it and report back.

Anonymous said...

Yea a post,
Good job in the challenge,setting and keeping goals,
I loved it and seeing your outfits every day,
Miss you,

Agentsuperstar said...

The part about the awkwardness of posing is too true. :)


Stéphane Danré said...

I have statistics about 30 for 30 !

- 501 negatives
- 1584 photographs
- 298 pounds of clothe
- 1 photographer
- 1 model

alli said...

um more like

1098 negatives
2048 photographs
10 pounds of clothes (only 30 articles!)
1 amazing photographer
1 model


Anonymous said...

props to all you people that take them outside in populated areas... Hmm, really? I was in Paris one time and saw these two girls posing in front of a fountain just like the cover girls. (in fact there was a paid model there right before them) They didn't seem too concerned about all the traffic that was passing by. Heck, I snapped some pictures of them myself. Maybe I'll post them :-)


What was the name of that fountain anyway?

mk said...

love your insights about the challenge! i find posing really awkward too, and i get what you're saying about the where and the prices of the clothing, but i do it on my blog-- mostly because i like reading about how cheaply other people are able to outfit their wardrobes, and where i can shop to find similar deals. great job on the challenge, though!! i'm glad you got so much out of it. :)


Anonymous said...

Where did you go? Alli...we miss the daily updates!

Emma said...

Oh no I posted a comment and I think it deleted it!

I was just saying thanks for a great idea, this is exactly what I need right now. Sorry I haven't been following your blog as faithfully as I used to! I'll definitely be keeping up better now. Check my progress and give me heaps of advice!! Hope I'll get to see you when I'm in America at xmas.

Love, Emma

food for thought.

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