Thursday, September 30, 2010

life list: make a tiramisu.

is your mouth watering yet?
this afternoon i was looking through
my little recipe book 
i've been slowly adding to

on a tattered piece of notebook paper,
is a recipe for 
homemade tiramisu
that a french friend passed on to me.

one of these days i'll try it.
maybe on a rainy afternoon 
where i want to do is curl up with a book
and boycott classes and errands.
oh wait, that's today.
(well, the rainy part anyway)

what recipes do you have stashed away
that you want to try on the next rainy afternoon?


ps! stop by tomorrow for 
a new feature on mistinguett! 

photo courtesy dailymail.


Genevieve said...

Singapore noodles! And macaroons. (I think that's on your list too?) and i just found a recipe for no-knead sourdough bread. That sounds too good to be true, right?


alli said...

oooh yum. what are singapore noodles? i'd love to start making my own bread. one day!

food for thought.

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