Monday, April 18, 2011

de retour.

i'm done with my final papers!
yay to having a life again!

the next two-three months will be full of 
reading and research, but interesting stuff. 
i'll be narrowing down my thesis focus a bit, which will be challenging but good i think.

in other news,
we've been quite the social butterflies recently, 
now that we're both home in the evenings and finished eating before 9:30 which was the average for the past four months.  hockey finals are coming up, so some cheering in pubs with some pints is on the schedule for the next couple of days. 
i've had small glimpses of the summery buzz that is guaranteed to descend upon montreal,
hopefully sooner rather than later.
everyone talks about how bad the winters are,
but nobody mentions how excruciating it is to wait for spring here.
snow/hail/rain mix on saturday did not make me a happy lady.  especially when you're apartment hunting by foot, with an incredibly dysfunctional (ripped to shreds) umbrella.  
the apartment hunt is on, which i find is inspiring even more time to be spent on pinterest, drooling over interior design and diy projects.  
which is where i found these: 

oh and these:
which have nothing to do with decor, but could totally see them with cuttoff denim shorts and a tank top.
anyone else restless for an apartment change, spring, or just a smidgen of sun??



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