Wednesday, April 27, 2011

on springtime wednesdays.

it's going to be 70 degrees here today!
(with lots of thunderstorms, rain, and ridiculousness)
but more importantly....
i don't have to wear my wool coat today!

ok, so i'm exaggerating, but only slightly i assure you.
the last week or so has been filled with more or less the same couple of things.
work. rain. apartment hunting. in the rain. and a couple of broken umbrellas in there as well. also, there is a pile of books i'd like to read for my thesis research, which is exciting, but it's growing at an alarming rate. some exciting links happening in that area too.

mostly i'm looking forward to the birthday month which is coming up, and a trip to california in june.  thinking of the beach is getting me through some of this crappy weather!  and the way i see it, even though i gave up my rights to complain about snow and cold when i willingly moved to montreal.... i figure i'm somewhat entitled anyways, because of the wonderful weather they were blessed with last year.  at this time last year everyone was wearing shorts and sunglasses, sitting under the hot sun with a cocktail on a patio somewhere.  
i want a sunshiny cocktail!

what is happening where you are?


would love this somewhere in my apartment.

going to need some of these barn doors and chalkboard walls.

and this is pretty much a must. homemade goldfish crackers!

enjoy your wednesday.




Genevieve said...

Happy Wednesday!

I am glad you are getting some sunshine. (Would you kill me if I complained that it is 90 and 99% humidity here?)

I just sent you something in the mail and found out it costs like 88 cents or something, so I'm wondering just out of curiosity.... have you ever gotten anything in the mail from me before?

Nidhi said...

Hi! I found your blog from Genevieve. I love that shutter mail holder and totally want one for my apartment too.

alli said...

Hi Nidhi! Welcome to mistinguett! :) Doesn't that look like a greaty diy project? May be looking for old shutters in random places...

Nidhi said...

Hahaha I would love to find one. Does anyone donate shutters??

food for thought.

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