Thursday, April 28, 2011

polka dots.

today i left the apartment to face the world in my polka dot blue rain boots and my nice new (to me) red umbrella.  turns out the most i needed them was for the drizzly walk to the metro.  the rest of the day was balmy and warm, although incredibly blustery.  
the wind blew all the clouds away, so i took the long way home and walked in the sun.  i sat on some steps by the bus stop and paged through catcher in the rye, which i'm re-reading.  holden makes me smile. john mayer accompanied most of my day.  

tomorrow i've booked an afternoon of pampering, which i could not be more excited about.  a valentine's gift certificate is finally being put to use.  and then it's the weekend!  more apartment hunting :/ and hopefully some nice springy weekend weather.  and since we ordered pizza tonight i have high aspirations for dinner tomorrow night: roast chicken, zuchinni and mushroom risotto, and a lovely glass of red. 

ps. i saw this lovely, entrancing video on 
about symmetry.

and here are the fruits of my thursday pinterest window shopping:    



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