Friday, September 16, 2011

fall fridays.

hello friends! i am alive.  getting over a sports injury, happy that it's friday, wearing scarves and boots, and alive :)

after a week of classes, two jobs, and no running, i am happy it's friday.  my plans for the weekend:

my favorite indian restaurant for dinner? mr. s are you reading this? :)

apple crisp cooking time. have to make my way through the 10 lb. bag of apples we picked! maybe apple sauce, apple cider and caramel apples should be on the list as well... oh also i have a butternut squash!  what's your favorite squash recipe?

looking for the perfect pair of black boots.  my old pair are officially retired :(

waiting patiently for the leaves to turn.  and i mean PATIENTly.  i can deal with this in between stage just fine, because i know what comes next!

what's planned for your weekend?



Anonymous said...

i got the message...;-)

Mr. S

genevievvve said...

Apple Butter!!! It takes a really, long time though.

Butternut squash: I'd do a soup with a dash of curry, or roast with shallots, or puree with a wee bit of chipotle pepper paste. (WEE bit.)

I'm going to the Greek festival, maybe a little tailgating, and recovering from a wicked couple of weeks at school that ended with a midterm this morning.


Anonymous said...

Alli you can make butternut squash soup with apple ,onions, curry butternut and cream. Aunt Mary has a recipe, I do too, but I am not home...

food for thought.

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