Monday, August 22, 2011

le weekend.

hi friends!  how was your weekend?  mine was fairly low key, complete with movie night (crazy stupid love, which i adored), a visit to a quebec farmhouse with a lovely home cooked and delicious meal, a morning run, and lots of grey's anatomy reruns.  when i got home from work today i spent two hours in the kitchen, making creamy bacon and spinach tortellini, and the wheat oatmeal bread that i posted about last week.

pasta before

bread before

pasta after

bread after!

the pasta was DELISH (a bit rich...) and the bread is cooling as we speak!  two loaves, so it better be tasty :)  this might become a weekly thing if it turns out to be a good recipe.  the pasta recipe called for a roux, mixing up grease/oil with flour and milk to make a cream sauce.  i was a little nervous it wouldn't turn out very well, but it was good.  i added fresh basil, lemon zest and juice, and some cracked red pepper.

tomorrow my sister comes!  i'm so excited that i'll have a visitor to show the city too, especially during the summer months.  even if it was 55 or so degrees this morning when i was waiting for the bus..... don't tell caity that.  i'll be sure to post up tons of pictures on here after her visit, to help convince all the rest of you to come visit me :)

happy (rest of your) monday!



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