Friday, February 17, 2012

at the moment...

'the same questions asked
before the spirit's journey
into the afterlife. did you bring joy?
did you find joy?

Anne Simpson 'Boat of Dawn, Boat of Dusk' in Is

Reciting these lines I stumbled upon this week in a lovely book of poetry by Anne Simpson this week at work. I'm particularly struck by these couple of lines. Simple questions, or are they?

Can't wait to try this recipe for caramel apple cider cake. yummmmm. I've never made frosting before, kind of apprehensive. But I'm ready for a challenge. 

Excited for the weekend, especially since we're going to drive south to Burlington to explore a bit and take some pictures. Maybe we'll drive back along the coast of Lake Champlain and pretend it's almost summer.

Loving this picture/quote from illuminecreative

Coveting this kitchen scale.

And looking for the perfect antique/functional bench. Need to find some good antique stores, because I'm not having much luck with the thrift stores as of late. Although I do like this one:

Custom order from an Etsy shop in Baltimore. Road trip time?

What are you cooking, coveting, and crunching on at the moment?

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genevievvve said...

YUM I am going to have to try the cinnamon garbanzos. I keep trying to make chana masala and it is NOT working. But that looks good!

Burlington.... Vermont? Cool! You should ask my dad about the time he went there.

Miss you! xoxo

food for thought.

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