Thursday, February 23, 2012


Remember this guy...?

And remember when I had a visit from a rodent in my apartment? Well thank sweet baby jesus I haven't had any other mice scurrying across my floor lately (although I do have a plastic bag stuffed down the hole in the wood floor, and sometimes I'm convinced I hear it rustling).


I there is a much cuter rodent keeping me company these days:

Turns out when I posted the mouse picture on my blog, it was actually a link to a crochet pattern. I had no idea. 

So imagine my surprise, when I opened up a huge shoe box Christmas morning (I was convinced I was unwrapping a pair of boots) and dug through the tissue paper to find this guy nestled in there. I died laughing. 

I have a hard time looking at his ears and not cracking up. He's pretty much a stud. 


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