Monday, February 27, 2012

le (snowy) weekend.

raclette. wine. cappuccinos. and apple cider layer cake. recipe coming soon!

the end of a snowwwwy friday and saturday.

la nuit blanche. 

beers and chicken wings with mr. s.

Hello friends!
I've been hiding from snowflakes all afternoon in a corner cafe. Currently gearing up for the hike through the slippery streets and up the hill to class. Wish me luck.

My weekend was lazy quiet and relaxing. Saturday evening we somehow found motivation to take advantage of la nuit blanche, the once a year all night celebration with free concerts, ice slides, and activities. These québecois certainly know how to make winter a bit more bearable. I guess they have to! Tons of museums, restaurants, cafes, etc stay open all night long, and admission is free in most cases. We took the metro to the other side of town and wandered through the streets, paused by wood campfires, listened to some music, watched people zip down the frozen luge slide, popped in le musée d'art contemporain to warm up and get a dose of quite modern art, and then ended the night with beers and chicken wings at les trois brasseurs. 

I added a new page in the toolbar at the top of my blog under the title, called 'in the kitchen'. I'm hoping it's somewhere I can keep a tally of the recipes featured on mistinguett, as well as links to other cuisine-inspirational blogs and sites. Feel free to take a peek and add any recipes you love! 

Wishing you a good week!


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