Friday, May 18, 2012

friday top ten: web style.

top ten intriguing/yummy/crafty/beautiful things from the web this week.

Inspired by my own birthday this week... find out how common your bday is. 

Like to try my hand at polymer clay necklaces.

Wine belt for a bike! Genius!

Cute kitchen scale to add a vintage touch. 

Chocolate coffee hazelnut layer cake. Going to try this for Mr. S's birthday next week.

Beautiful dress! Love the bracelets too. And the rest of the blog is pretty fantastic as well. 

Just figured out today that the flower muguet in French is Lily of the Valley. I snatched a few this week on an evening walk and they're making the apartment smell lovely. 

What! Tom's Sunglasses?!

Want to buy some succulents for the apartment. Such lovely, understated plants. 

What's in store for your weekend? I'm going to wrangle up a barbeque, watermelon, cold beer, smore fixings, and some pretty awesome people and celebrate birthdays and warm weather. Have a good one!


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