Tuesday, May 22, 2012

le weekend.

Quel weekend bien chargé! Get ready for photo overload folks. 

Saturday I planned a little get together in the park complete with shish kebabs, watermelon, and smores, of course :)

We challenged our guests to a little pétanque.

And we played until the sun went down.

And then we roasted marshmallows. And chocolate covered Chips Ahoys.

I liked the all-in-one smore going on there.

Une soirée parfaite.

Sunday we road tripped to Parc Omega, a wild animal park close about mi-chemin between Montreal and Ottawa. 

Visitors stay in their car and drive around the park, becoming at times intimately acquainted with the wildlife. These guys were waiting for us at the entrance to the park. 

The amount of slobber on the car windows after our visit was frightening. We bought a bag of carrots so we could feed the various moose, elk, deer, caribou, etc. 

Les sangliers. Boars.

He was READY to do anything for that carrot.

Arctic foxes. Looked more like fluffy puppies though.


Lots of.... baby bison? Bison... calves?

The master.

Enfin, la vallée des ours!

The cutest little bear pups you've ever seen. 

People threw the bears apples instead of carrots. 

And they all seemed to know what to do to get the apples!

This little guy was on the sidelines by the bears.

Les visiteurs.

A jam-packed, warm-weathered, smore-eating, wine-drinking, pétanque-playing, summer weekend. After a much needed does of Vitamin D I didn't even mind too much that it poured all.day.long. Rainy weeks are easier when there are sunny weekends. 

What festivities were your weekends filled with?



Anonymous said...

OK, I'll bite. How do you get an Chip-a-Hoy on a stick?


alli said...

evvvvver so delicately.

food for thought.

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