Wednesday, May 9, 2012


lately i've been...

jumping towards the sky.

putting (hopefully) end-of-the-season use to bean boots.

hanging out on cold northeastern beaches.

hanging out on warm, tropical beaches.

swimming with the fishies. and rays. and sharks.

crashing fam vacations.

and not pictured...

making homemade whipped cream to go atop strawberry vanilla cake.

trying my hand at a mongolian beef recipe, with grilled veggies.

fostering a new tomato plant on our balcony.

trying to not wash away in this rainy month of may.

watching this city completely transition, to the season I love most.

exploring more of quebec, hosting tourists, and reuniting with old friends.

going on longer evening runs. in shorts. and t shirts.

Excuse the somewhat unplanned hiatus, but hopefully this recent grad school graduate will now have ample time to write. and post. and photograph. and cook. and live!

What have you been up to lately?

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!


food for thought.

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