Wednesday, February 24, 2010

life list: play rhapsody in blue on the piano.

i've been known to goof around on the piano every now and then. 
a lot more before than recently....
owing largely to the fact that the piano is in utah
and i find myself across the atlantic in la france.

i think it's great for kids to have some musical exposure
and one day if i have kids, i'd love to sit down with them next the piano
plunking happily at the keys
maybe singing a line or two
christmas carols in a snow blanketed december
cheery songs celebrating spring
songs rich with the sounds and smells of autumn
leaves falling and the mountains a patchwork quilt of orange and red

one of my dreams
quite a large one
is to be able to play rhapsody and blue on the piano.
doesn't have to be the fanciest most complicated version
maybe a 'rhapsody for beginners' would be appropriate.

that's the real thing.

and this is the one i always imagine instead : )
anyone remember the United Airlines commercial?

anything like this on your life list?

oh and just for fun
this song is amazing
i've listened to it many MANY times
and i still get goosebumps every time.

happy listening friends!



1 comment:

Taylor said...

AL! Barber's adagio for strings is my second favorite song ever! It's so achingly sad and so beautiful. It was forever on my list of things to see played live... I did last fall and highly recommend it. :) Seek out Ralph Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis. It isn't as ethereal but has a similar structure--it's also longer but stick around til the end, it's worth it! <3

food for thought.

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