Tuesday, February 2, 2010

le weekend.

the tiny (sunny!!!!!!!!) village
Hannogne St Rémy

you will see lots of sunny pictures.
because i was so FREAKING excited to see the sun.


coca was enjoying the sun too.

doing laps, jumping over the bushes.

she looked like she was having so much fun, i just had to join her.

It was a very relaxing weekend...

drives through the frosty countryside
baguettes so fresh i had to carry them home with gloves
boeuf bourginon made by a wonderful friend
bubbly champagne before (and sometimes after) nearly every meal
warm slippers on cold country home floors
train rides through burgundy
excited students this morning, telling me about the weather all over the world

I spent the weekend with Mr. S at his parents home in the Champagne region of France
It was nice, relaxed, and included visits to some of his cousins and friends I haven't seen in far too long.
The night sky was clear and crisp, I saw stars and the moon! 
I've missed that.

Then it was train ride back last night and lots of prep for today, back with my students.
They were great this morning, giving weather reports from around the world.
And they don't know it yet,
but they'll be singing Coldplay and playing 'Guess Who' this afternoon
with guest appearances by 
Michael Phelps
Audrey Tatou
David Beckham
Lady Gaga

it's going to be fun!

what was your weekend filled with?



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