Wednesday, February 17, 2010


that's what i was thinking when i opened my laptop in the laundromat this afternoon.
and found some free, quite speedy internet.
i'm debating what to do when my clothes finish in 10 minutes.
stay and steal the internet?
i think so.

i'm in between trips
just back from the alps
and heading to germany tomorrow, if the trains leave ok.
there was an accident between paris and belgium a couple days ago,
so the line has been a bit perturbé
i'll get there eventually though i'm hoping!

i still have an automatic scheduled for you in a couple days
but i just wanted to pop in and say hi
and share a couple photos and thoughts

lac d'annecy at sunset.

me! fulfilling a life list item
looking like an amateur
wearing a raincoat
fashion scarf
mismatching hat
and at least 3 hoods
and later on, the 20 euro sunglasses i bought because
of course i forgot my own.

but don't get me wrong..... i am NOT complaining about sun.
and it was such a wonderful day.

this was taken the day before, when we went snowshoeing. 
i've only been twice, but it's quickly becoming a favorite.
it's peaceful but an underestimated workout for sure.

i also (half) completed another life list item of mine...
hitch hiking.
except it didn't really involve sticking my thumb out by the side of the road
it involved two really nice couples to give us rides to the top of the hill and down to the bottom afterwards.
turns out snow tires/chains are pretty useful in snowy areas, and no...
it's not a good idea to try getting up a hill without them.
i love when French people surprise me with their warmth and hospitality.

speaking of hospitality, 
we stayed in a gîte
which is like a bed and breakfast
hosted by a wonderful mountain couple
a woman with beautifully framed photos of her daughters and new grandson
and a man with a smile warm enough to melt the snow
and eyes that sparkled blue as a sunny sky

i felt like a granddaughter, 
welcomed into their home to talk when we arrived
and again before we left.

someday i'd love to open a bed and breakfast
to meet people from all corners of the world
welcome them into my home and exchange stories 
over steaming coffee and biscuits
or snacks and kir de savoie, one of the local mountain drinks

i'll be back next week after the rest of my journeys.  
stay tuned for more stories, more photos.
i can't wait to tell you about the restaurant we went to,
charming uneven tabletops
antique glass pitchers
thick red reindeer printed napkins
a fireplace to keep guests warm
and a monsieur chat who came to say hello.

hope you're keeping warm!



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