Wednesday, May 12, 2010

life list: be published in national geographic.

although one of my biggest goals
as a writer
is to write and publish a novel
another one on the list
is to be published in national geographic



rajasthan, india

the pictures are nearly the best part of the magazine
so vivid
even the most travel-bug resistant person
can be inspired to get up and explore

some day
i'm going to write down some of my travel stories
and get published
even if it means 
traveling to every corner of the world 
to find a story
make friends with different cultures
taste the local grub
admire tiled mosque walls
walk along ancient cathedral floors

i'm just that dedicated

What's on your life list?

photos via National Geographic

1 comment:

LP said...

nice!! mine: start a rare book collection, study at oxford, go to the Olympics, and fix up an old house. yay!

food for thought.

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