Friday, May 14, 2010


this year was big for me
i became a biker
save a couple snowy days in january
and a couple rainy ones in april
and that time i got hit by a car...
i rode my bike each day i went to work

in fact, most days i rode it to and from work
in the morning and afternoon
stopping at home for a little lunch

i don't particularly consider myself
a morning person
but i was my closest this year
a brisk ride in the morning
under trees with rust colored leaves in the fall
and fuzzy branches in the spring-
certainly does wake you up

and this is (was) my beauty!

he never officially had a name
but i'd like to think it was pierre
typically french
plus it was a 'peugot' brand

he was a little worse for wear by the end of the year
but he did get somewhat of a facelift
in the form of a new back wheel
did i tell you about that time i got hit by a car?
that was a fun thursday afternoon
but really, everyone came out ok

Now that I spent most of the year as a bike commuter
i find myself a complete convert.
it got to the point
where i didn't particularly want to go anywhere
if it wasn't somewhere i could go by bike.
a kind of opposite laziness.

we'll see if Montreal is bike friendly next year
or if i'm brave enough
to get on a bike 
when it's -5984 degrees C.

Any of you bikers? 
Send me a picture of your bike!



(i'm doing a bad thing by not posting the links to these pictures- i've lost them!
if you've seen them before, feel free to send the link in the comments)

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