Thursday, May 13, 2010

warmer days.


Anyone else yearning for summer?  
Heck, I’d settle for spring, 
I feel like we’ve fast forwarded to autumn over here in France.  
It’s May 13th and I’m wearing a wool sweater…. 
and slightly regretting the fact 
that I’ve already packed my pea coat.

I thought I would be reading a book in a park, 
having picnics and going on runs.  
Instead, I find myself taking refuge from the rain in cafes, 
and putting on three layers just to take a walk outside.  
Oh well.  
Maybe June will be scorching…

So I’m thinking warm thoughts, 
in the hope of something 
besides 40s and rain 
coming our way for the next couple of weeks.  
I want to leave France with warm memories! 

Here’s a random handful of photos from my Picasa,
in hopes of warmer days soon!

Nice, France

Giverny, France

Summer barbeque at the Rays

Sunset in Michigan

Canoe ride


Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Jellyfish Lake, Palau


Coca.  Looking way too serious.

What pictures do you have that remind you of warm times?

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