Tuesday, May 25, 2010

le weekend.

a french wedding
with a beautiful bride

cathédral d'albi
down south by toulouse

gaillac wine tasting

spent my birthday walking through sand
on the highest sand dune in europe

birthday feast. 
cucumber/tomato salad
cheese. wine. bread.

keeping warm. and getting a sunburn.

on a bike ride through the region, we saw tons of these guys.
la region des landes
is known for their pines.
this dude dropped a log to the side of his truck

airshow this weekend

one of the cutest toddlers i've ever met.

the champs elysees.
look a little different?
it was covered with crops, trees, and bushes
veggies, fruits, and animals
promoting french agriculture

to prove that sens is actually beautiful
when it is sunny.

this 'le weekend' post 
is actually a culmination of 
3 or 4 weekends 
since i've been skipping around like crazy

trying to soak up the last of my time in france
13 days till the states!



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