Monday, August 1, 2011

le weekend.

how was your weekend? was it good enough to compensate for the drag that is monday morning?  i remembered at half past way-too-late last night that i didn't renew my bus/metro pas for August, and I was late to work this morning.  there were a lot of others who were forgetful with me.  add to the mess that it was about 873% humidity this morning when i was running around like a mad woman.  isn't it always like that?

there was a real summer thunderstorm tonight.  the kind you feel coming when the temperature drops and the clouds swirl around overhead.  lots of lightning to watch from my makeshift desk (my bed) where I spread out what seemed like every book or article i've read so far for my thesis.  trying to bring some order to this project!  

my weekend was full of cooking adventures, punctuated by a birthday soirée and a visit to the science center to see the Indiana Jones archaeology exhibit.  which was fun!  except in all honesty, the movie clips and set designs kept my attention a lot better than all the archaeology technical stuff :/  still, a very interesting exhibit! 

sunday night i made my  and folks?  it was DELICIOUS.  and so easy!  i can't believe it took me this long to make my own.  chorizo, garlic, basil, mozarella.  the crust was light and fluffy, with the perfect amount of crunch.  oh, and it's rectangular because that's the only pan i have :)

and THIS was today's cooking extravaganza.  fried corn pancakes, if-you-will, accompanied by grilled chicken breast and a scrumptious avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro salsa.

it was my first time really frying something, and I only set off the fire alarm twice!  don't worry though, that thing is super sensitive.  which, i suppose, is a good thing.
anyways... next time i think i would fry them a bit.... less.  and the salsa is great, but next time i would not forget that jalapeno that the recipe calls for, and add that in there too.  and i would find a door to put on the kitchen, so my whole apartment wouldn't smell like fried things anymore.  

how was your weekend?



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Genevieve said...

Hahahaha wow we must have really been on the same wavelength yesterday!

food for thought.

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