Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Where does the time go?  Sometimes I walk around thinking about things to write about.... funny phrases, things I want to share on here, recipes, projects, etc.  But at the end of the day if you I don't take the time, I guess there won't be any updates!

I am very glad today is winding down, and crossing my fingers that it doesn't get worse in the next 5 1/2 hours!  I'm exaggerating. Slightly.  Ever so slightly.  I'll spare you the details, and the reliving of it, and just say that nothing went according to plan, hardly anything useful got done, and people are just disappointing sometimes.

BUT.  I sipped on the first caramel frappucino that I've bought in years and went my first run since last Wednesday, both of which have admittedly helped today today out a bit.  I'm brainstorming about DIY projects for some of the empty wall space in the entryway... and thinking about fun pillows or place mats to sew once I find a fabric store.

Even though I don't want to admit it, I know that Fall is creeping slowly in over here.  Already!  Although the shift was sneaky, it happened sometime last week and all of the sudden the mornings are 58 degrees instead of 75.  Big puffy Fall clouds bring afternoon rain showers and the air smells different.  I'm afraid to look forward to Fall, because I know what comes after it!  And I would love to stay in this (slightly) milder summer weather that August has brought by.

Although not quite anticipated, it looks like I'll be heading back to class in a couple weeks, which has me excited and exasperated at the same time.  In all honesty even if things didn't quite turn out as planned, I'm looking forward to reading and writing in a class setting, and having meaningful class discussions.  Finishing up this year of the program and seeing what else is in store for me here.

And last but not least, this day could not be all bad because it is my dad's birthday!  Happy birthday, Padre!  Wish I was home to go flying with you to an airport for a fly-in french toast breakfast :)  Raincheck?



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