Thursday, October 8, 2009


I realized today when I :

a. opened up my volets (window shades) this morning to a gray sky
b. grabbed a jacket and a parapluie (umbrella) before heading out the door
c. left my bike lonesome at my apartment
d. soaked in the perfume of wet leaves along my walk down cobblestoned streets towards school
e. heard hundreds of middle schoolers screaming bloody murder and sploshing through the rain during the récré (recess)

it's fall.

Don't get me wrong, I welcome the season of tall boots, layered sweaters, colorful umbrellas, big scarves, hot chocolates in the late afternoon, and seeing your breath in the morning.  But let's make a little agreement, shall we fall ? 
Let's not rain when I have to change buildings between classes.  Or during the 15 minutes I ride from my apartment to work in the mornings and evenings.  Or to the grocery store, ps.  I've already made that request though, and it didn't yield anything positive the last time.

I'm in a weird sort of limbo at the moment with observing classes, participating, helping the teachers, etc.  I've spent most of my downtime this week planning out my lessons for next week, and even though I'm slightly anxious about how they're going to turn out and how the students are going to behave, I'm excited to jump in.  Although one teacher taking me aside this morning to tell me a student that I'll have next week has violent tendencies because his brother and father are in jail..... didn't exactly boost the comfort level.  Mais bon.  On verra bien.  We shall see !

Weekend plans include sleeping in, a visit from Stéphane, a road trip to Chalon sur Saône not far away from Beaune, wandering through the windy cobblestoned Beaunois streets, and staying warm with dry feet : ) 

What are your weekend plans ?


1 comment:

D said...

It's not raining here... or this weekend :-) but I won't be able to find any cobblestone here.

Violent students, eh? Hmmm... maybe you should take a baseball bat and explain playoff baseball as an excuse. I'd leave out the part about the San Diego Chicken as it may confuse things.


food for thought.

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