Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Moleskine journals.

I <3 moleskines.  All shapes.  All sizes.  I've gone through at least 4 of the journals (diaries).  My fave is the Moleskin Large Squared Notebook.  The little boxes instead of lined paper always remind me of French paper/graph paper.  I like to think it adds a studious element to my journal entries, and even though they add more structure to the page, I feel less constricted when I'm looping words along the little boxes. 

Also in my collection is the Moleskine 18-Month Pocket Soft Cover Weekly Planner which serves as mon agenda as they say over here in la France.  I was looking everywhere for a smaller size, since mine is about the size of a notebook, but I'm planning to pick a new one up come January. 

One of these little guys never leaves me purse either- perfect for jotting down song lyrics, ideas for a story, quotes, lists for the supermarché, addresses.  They're super compact and so easy to throw in my purse. 

And last but not least, the City Guides are also becoming part of my collection.  I bought one for Berlin when I went last November.  It's so fun to write down the wonderful things you visited, or sketch a funny drawing reminding yourself not to go that one café next time.  I don't have a guide for Paris yet, which is really surprising, I know !  Planning on buying one soon, because I know there will always be many more visits to Paris for me : )

Do you like to take little notes during the day ?  Do you write in a journal ?  Do you have a favorite ?


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