Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my wheels.

Mon vélo !

The basket and the bell- little louder than expected.

Oh yea.  This year's bike kicks last year's bike's butt. Too many apostrophes.

Da da da.

Mon vélo!  I have now entered the world of bike commuters- this baby takes me to and from work four times a day- I've taken to the French tradition of coming home for lunch and heading back to work in the afternoon.

I'd like to get some cool sophisticated looking writer-looking bags to connect to the back wheel to help with my shopping trips.  And I still have to figure out how to disconnect the back light- it's powered by the pedals and makes a completely obnoxious noise when you're pedaling.  Not to mention the drag it creates.  Dragging tires + windy days + backpack and basket full of groceries = not a very fun trip to Casino, the local grocery store.

The wind picked up this afternoon, so I'm a lot happier to be sitting inside, looking outside.  The grapevines across from our apartment windows are yellowing a bit more everyday.  I wish they would just stay forever, it makes for such a wonderful rich orange and yellow quilt across the hill.

Teachers seem to be sometimes just as frustrating as students around here, but I'm trying to keep my patience.  The discipline tactics are surprising, if not shocking sometimes, so it's providing for quite the cultural insight.  I just keep thinking that this is where I will be all of next week :

Montalba le chateau, in Southern France.

The first vacation of the year is already next week, which is just crazy.  I remembered it coming quickly last year, but wow!  I'm keeping the tradition of roadtripping for the vacances de Toussaints for the second year in a row.  I'll be sure to takes lots of pictures, and hopefully I can get some internet to post along the way too.

How is your Tuesday going?




Lindsay said...

Ahhh, another road trip!!! Wish I were there with you :) And I totally love your bike!

alli said...

Thanks! Wish you were in the passenger seat again, speaking a mix of franglais and trying to navigate the windy burgundy roads! :)

food for thought.

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