Thursday, October 15, 2009


Maybe.  I was never a morning person because I couldn't enjoy them.  I spent my mornings rushing to shower and get ready and finish up things before class or work.  Every morning was a flurry of commotion drying my hair between sips of coffee, glancing at emails and putting on makeup at the same time.  I was pretty much setting up my day to be nothing but hectic.

Even though it's hard for me (as a non-morning person) to fathom getting up a little earlier just to not be rushed, I have to admit it's made a huge difference for me in the past couple of weeks.  Instead of pressing snooze a couple times and then hopping right into the shower, I go make a cup of coffee and pour a bowl of cereal.  Then I can glance at emails, read some news, etc.  And afterwards I still have enough time to get ready at normal speed instead of being in hyper-active-going-to-be-late-mode.

Something else that's made a difference?  That when I open my window shades in the morning, I get to see the tinnnnny sliver of a moon in the pale blue morning sky outside my window.  Which is gradually replaced by the sun streaming into my room.  Maybe my mood and my new morning methods will all go out the window once the days are considerably shorter, or once I start opening my shades to cloudy rainy skies instead.  But for now, I'm quite content with my recent discovery.  That in fact, I could maybe be a morning person after all.

Just as long as my coffee machine doesn't break.



ps.  Heading to Sens tomorrow for the weekend- my old stomping grounds!  Planning on wandering along the streets, maybe a morning market, sitting in the quiet cathedral, eating some scrumptious indian food, and seeing old friends and new friends.  What are your weekend plans?


Genevieve said...

I used to be a morning person and then came the winter of 7 AM farm work every single day including weekends. Needless to say I got OUT of the habit of showering in the morning.

Actually now it's much better but I'm mad at my coffee maker. The clock resets itself to be 15 minutes ahead and puts me in a panic.

This weekend I'm taking the GRE... and going to the SC state fair. That is SURE to be a cultural experience I'll have to tell you allllll about.

alli said...

good luck on the GRE! And I simply can't wait to hear all about the fair culture down there : )

Katie Peterson said...

My weekend plans include getting over this cold that's kept me in bed all yesterday and today. Once I'm fully recovered I get to spend some quality time with my nephew Charlie who was born yesterday!
Enjoy Sens!

Nevers Nevers Land said...

Alli, my weekend plans did not include (but became) a sleepover on the floor of your room! Thank you so much for offering for us to stay. I'm sorry we missed each other and hope to have a reason to see you soon. I hope all is well!

alli said...

Katie- Congratulations on being an Aunt!! Yay for baby Charlie!!! Can't wait to see pictures :) Skype date sometime this week?

Megan- So glad you enjoyed your short stay in Beaune! We'll have to catch up another weekend :) Have a good week!

food for thought.

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