Friday, January 8, 2010

dusty friday.

There's a growing list of things I have, of things I took advantage of before living in Europe.

a laundry room in your house or apartment.


(for transportation to work. and grocery shopping)

centralized heating.

soft water.

And today there's a new one added to the list.

vacuum cleaners.

Because when you clean the apartment with a vacuum cleaner, you're spared that visual of how dirty your floors were before you decided to finally get out the broom.
But when you sweep, it's suddenly startling clear just how dusty things get.


I think what I should really put on my wishlist though, is this awesomeness right here:

that's where it all is really.
who the hell thought something like that even needed to exist?

All the cleaning was motivated by weekend visitors that are coming in a few hours.
My roomate's birthday was Wednesday, and we've prolonged it into a sort of week long bday extravaganza.

I'm thinking there will be pizza, wine, and many crèpes this weekend.
And lots of bundling up before braving the blustery cold snow out there.

What are your weekend plans?



1 comment:

Lindsay said...

you TOTALLY need those slippers!!!

food for thought.

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