Tuesday, January 19, 2010

le weekend.

Hello friends!

I know you've been seeing a little less of me lately- last week I took a little break to avoid getting sick again.  Together with some homeopathic flu meds, a couple liters of orange juice, and curling up in my bed next to the radiator, I tried my hardest to ward off all the germs my kids decided to share with me.  It worked mostly, this week I'm feeling a lot better.

I'm also back on my bike!  All the snow from last week melted, and we even had two GLORIOUS days of sunshine before we got back to the foggy cloudy days that I woke up to this morning.

Last week I finished up at the first middle school where I started teaching.  I wish I could say I finished on a really great note, but that would be exaggerating.  Teacher/colleague-wise, it was really nice.  I lunched with several teachers and really felt like I could open up with them and talk about everything.  It was a nice way to leave things.  As far as the kids go, I got my first (and only) going away present, a colored picture from two 6ième students that I had.  It was so cute, with an English and French flag colored and a big 'Thank you!' between the two.  I didn't have the heart to tell them I wasn't British :)

This week has been getting off to a slow start.  I'm giving myself daily reminders to stay patient.  But when a teacher at the new school told me he wasn't aware that I was coming until last Thursday, the frustration started to edge in.  I met him in September, and I'm pretty sure we left things with a 'see you in january' mentality.  I know these schools have done this before, so I'm wondering if it's been the same every year.  If I wouldn't have come to the school yesterday and this morning to push things along a bit, I don't think they would have been bothered at all.  Even things such as a key for the classrooms, codes for the computers, and email addresses for the teachers I'll be working with were impossible to come by.  It certainly was a bit different from my last school, where they threw everything in my hands on day 1 and expected me to have lesson plans before I'd even met the kids or teachers.

I've taken the down time as an opportunity to write a bit more, and catch up on some of my reading.  Currently on my desk:

It's a narrative about a man jumping head first into the project of building his own house.  It has some pretty intriguing commentary about what should go into choosing a location for your house, how it's made, and what it serves for.

Also thought I'd share a bit of sunshine from my desktop.

Because when there's no sun outside, it helps to have some inside!

How is your Tuesday going?



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