Monday, January 25, 2010

le weekend.

french bowling.  seems i'm just as bad as i am at american bowling.
which is bad.

a visit to a town called dole.
and one of the luminous airy basilicas i've seen.



cool lamp in a cafe.  red effect on the camera.

the part of town they call 'little venice'.

sun trying to poke out.

a birthday dinner of scrumptious make-your-own pizza.

my new favorite australian dessert: lamingtons.

complete with sparklers!

wish i could take credit for all the photos here. they're all credited to mr. s!

I had a lovely weekend that seemed to tiptoe by.  We decided to visit a close by city on Saturday, Dole.  Besides being under the clouds like the rest of Bourgogne at the moment, it was a charming little city.

We stopped at an art nouveau sort of café for sandwiches and then munched on some pain au raisins et sablé au beurre afterwards.
Wandered along the canals in the 'petite venise' part of town.
Even stopped to visit Louis Pasteur's birthplace!

Sunday we tried a trout recipe with roasted almonds, which was delicious.
The almonds were a tad over roasted, and more like chunks than slivers, but it was yummy.
Our now traditional drive was particularly Sleepy-Hollowish, with the thick fog that had been hanging around all day.

Sunday night we celebrated the German assistant's bday.  With design-it-yourself pizzas
and a traditional Australian dessert, a new favorite of mine.
White cake with a thick cover of chocolate and coconut sprinkled on top.

And now I find myself on a Monday morning, preparing my things for the week.
It's still a bit slow to get started, but I should be giving most of my classes this week.

I've scooted my chair to the very corner of my desk,
where I can sit in the sun that is shyly peeking in my window.
I'm almost afraid to write that, since last week
two hours after I praised the wonderful sunny day
a fog crawled in, so thick that it lasted the whole weekend.

please stay sun!  we all love it when you're here.

where does monday morning find you?

wishing you a wonderful start to the week!



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