Sunday, January 10, 2010

le weekend.

Some of my favorite moments from the weekend...

Our Sens visitors who came to keep the apartment a little warmer.

Café hopping with scrumptious cappuccinos, strong espresso, and mini macaroons.

A crèpe party for 8, with guacamole thrown in for good measure.

A winter snow storm leaving everything calm and white.

Buttoning coats on top of coats, twirling scarves around my neck, pulling on thick gloves and zipping up boots to go play in the snow.

Snow angels and a bonhomme de neige named Jerry.

An awesome Féderation Française de Rugby polo, a gift from a wonderful someone.

Great music, fun dancing, and most of all

wonderful company.

What were your favorite parts from the weekend?

wishing you a happy sunday, wherever it finds you!



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