Friday, January 29, 2010

french meal : quiche for everyone!

the beginning of our cooking adventure.

la pâte

about to go in our little four

just so you know what we're working with here.


we had left over crust...

so we got creative.

with some emmental, epinards, and tapenade.
cheese, spinach, and olive tapenade.

wrapped up in a little surprise.

our little cuties!

we made three quiches

quiche lorraine
spinach quiche
mushroom quiche

what is your latest cooking adventure?  

1 comment:

Genevieve said...

Recent cooking adventure: Sourdough bread. No yeast - just "starter."
I've finally found a baking endeavor that is non-recipe-bound enough that I can get behind it. You just have to "know" how to do it.... and boy is there a learning curve. My first one was awesome, my second one not so much.
It's cool to think that just by mixing flour and water, natural yeast that's everywhere will start to grow, and eventually rise your bread.

food for thought.

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