Friday, November 5, 2010

friday top ten.

today's top ten:
types of restaurants that i love
and want to try!

1. indian 
which i ate tonight, yum!
butter chicken & garlic nan deliciousness

2. sushi!
there's a place on the street next to mine

3. vietnamese
also not far from the apartment

4. afghan restaurant 
we tried to go there a few weeks ago with friends
but it was full

5.georgian/russian restaurant
probably the one i'm most curious about 
i have no idea what they eat in georgia

6. mexican
gotta find a good mexican place around here!
i'm going through withdrawal

7. vegan 
there's a vegan restaurant on campus
that is by donation only
sounds yummy

8. french
i miss crepes!  and tartiflette! and raclette! and chevre chaud!

9. italian
we ate a great little italian place,
and i know there must be tons of others around here

10. canadian?
i need to figure out what exactly canadian food is,
and then find a good resto for it.
bacon? maple syrup?
they have this specialty up here called poutine
fries, gravy, and cheese curds.
not quite on that bandwagon yet...

what's a restaurant you've been wanting to try?


1 comment:

Stéphane Danré said...

French foods in 8 ?
Okedoke...Well, well, well,


food for thought.

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