Wednesday, November 10, 2010

life list: start a fashion blog.

i'd say about 3/4 of the blogs i read 
are fashion blogs.
not haute couture or anything, 
rarely vogue or schmancy stuff,

just personal blogs of women 
who take pictures of what they wear.

i think reading them
has made me more creative with my outfits.
now i look in the closet and see more choices.

it's fun to see what other people wear,
although sometimes i think 
i'd be nervous to put all those pictures of myself
on the internet for everyone to see.

i've made a skirt from directions on a blog,
started thrifting,
and i have a whole pile of bookmarks for DIY projects.
top on the list: embellished tank tops and chunky knit hunter green leg warmers :)

are you interested in fashion?
do you read fashion blogs?
would you read mistinguett if it were a fashion blog?


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